The Turf Tavern is a historic pub located just outside the Oxford city walls. With foundations dating back to the 14th century, its city centre location makes it a favourite for both town and gown.

Turf Tavern Beer Festival

UPDATED: The 2007 Beer Festival runs 25th-27th of October!

Join us from 5.30pm on Thursday 25th! The beer festival will be open all day Friday and Saturday.

We're glad to be able to show you a list of the beers we expect to have at the Turf Tavern Beer Festival. If you'd like to be kept up-to-date on the latest Turf happenings, you can subscribe to our newsletter.


Green Bullet (4.60%)
Brewed using New Zealand Green Bullet hops and a small amount of Drak Crystal malt, to give an excellent aroma and bitterness and a pine/lemon citrus crispness

Anglo Dutch

Wild Flower (4.20%)
Very pale, refreshing and hoppy, brewed with lager malts. This brew has been late-hopped with hop flowers from the brewers garden.


Crofter's Pale Ale (4.20%)
A lager styled, lager coloured crisp & refreshing beer, hopped with both Phoenix & First Gold.
Hectar's Stout (4.70%)
A rich dark stout with roasted & chocolate flavours.


K9 (4.00%)
Light gold. Delicate graprefruit aromas. Fresh, bitter, citrus flavour . Highly refreshing


My Beautiful Williamette (4.00%)
One of the 'One Hop Wonder' series of beers. A very pale well balanced ale with pronounced citrus and floral flavours.


Damson Pale Ale (3.70%)
A pale ale, lightly hopped and lightly bittered. The addition on damsons give an incredibly subtle fruit flavour and a very gentle pinkinsh hue.
Dark Harvest (4.00%)
A dunkelWeiss beer - dark, wheat beer brewed with crystal, amber, and roast malts to create a dark beer without the heaviness of a porter/stouts.


Quicksilver (4.30%)
A golden bitter with a hint of American aroma hops, citrus tones and a smooth sweet finish.
Blacksmith (5.00%)
A dark amber, silky smooth ale with undertones of rich fruits.


Telford Porter (5.60%)
A Victorian style porter. An ideal winter warmer.
Welsh Pride "Balchder Cymru" (4.00%)
A Burton style pale ale made with traditional Goldings and Challenger hops.


Cleek (3.90%)
The latest in a range of Fyfe beer brewed to celebrate St Andrews' Golfing history. A golden coloured bitter with hop and malt in the mouth, leading to a dry hoppy finish. The hops are predominantly Fuggles, with a late addition of Green Bullet.

G Wrights

Biale Orzel (4.40%)
"White Eagle" - A light coloured Polish ale wuth a delciate but lasting hop aftertaste.
Polski Mocne (5.00%)
An amber coloured strong Polish ale with a moreish hop aftertaste.


Guthflax Porter (4.80%)
A dark, fullbodied working man's porter.

Grand Union

Magnum One-Hop (4.50%)


Cobblestone Oyster Stout (5.00%)
A new twist to this original recipe. Rich and dark, with aromas of roast malts and chocolate.
Ice Maiden (4.00%)
A very light, fruity session Beer, with citrus notes.


Brodie's Prime (?%)
A dark premium beer. An unusual medley of flavour, rich and malty with a stout-like edge. Quite dry with spiciness and fruit.

Little Valley

Moor Ale (5.50%)
Red-brown in colour with a full bodied taste of caramel and hints of heather and smoked peat. Moor Ale is brewed for Autumn and Winter when the moors are as brown as the ale itself.


Gold Crest (3.90%)
A smooth creamy head on top of a very pale beer. A heavy fruity hoppiness but without a lingering bitterness


Festival Ale (4.40%)
A clean drinking pale beer with an immense floral nose. Brewed with Saaz hops from New Zealand.


Autumn Tyne (?%)
Copper coloured like falling leaves. Single variety hopped with cluster hops from the USA, giving a fruity flavour with a bitter finish.


Jacks Cauldron (4.80%)
Dark mild, malty in tast, with fruity bramling cross hops providing a 'mild' bitter taste.


Liberty Bell (4.00%)


Three Witches (4.40%)
Amber in colour with a fruity orange aroma, soft fruit notes combine with a grainy background to a fruity dry finish.


Aile Porter (4.80%)
A rich full bodied Smoked Porter, which captivates a rich dark colour and smokey aromas of liquorice and coffee. It is brewed with Peated malt, which gives a liqueur like quality to this winter tipple.


Mandala (4.70%)
A pale and hoppy golden ale.


Cascade Pale Ale (4.80%)
An American style pale ale with the floral aroma and strong bitterness of Cascade and Centennial hops.
NorthDown Red (4.40%)
An amber bitter with a reddish hue. This beer features the mild-style malt flavour from Crystal malts, balanced with the aroma from the Northdown hops


Carousel (4.00%)
A refreshing floral hoppy best bitter
Natterjack (4.30%)
A premium bitter with fruity notes and a hint of coffee.

St Austells

Proper Job (?%)
Light, clear and refreshing with an assertive hop bitterness, Proper Job IPA is based on a traditional IPA recipe which dates back to the 17th century when it was brewed and supplied to all parts of the British Empire.


Trumpeter (4.20%)
A dark ale made from a blend of roasted malts and generous quantities of Scottish oats. Its coffee flavour transforms into a clean hoppy finish from the soft Fuggles hops.


Baltic Gold (3.90%)
A traditional pale ale with a lovely floral hoppiness
Summer Ale (4.20%)
A straw coloured ale.


Indian Summer (4.20%)
Quite light in colour and taste. Brewed with Bramling Cross hops for a fruitiness in the flavour.
Summer Storm (4.20%)
A darker beer with a full malty taste


Genius (4.10%)
Dark and Malty with a sweet finish.

Note: We try and keep our list accurate and while there will certainly be more beers than this available, it is possible that we may not be able to provide every beer on this list. Rest assured we will have plenty to please your palate.

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